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injections for drillings

There are several solutions that can be considered and combined to ensure that a boring from a sheet piling for a cofferdam can be done dry and without too much sand seepage. One of these is injecting a block for the sheet piling that has to be crossed.

The block that is injected shall offer sufficient solidness to the soil to allow the hole in the sheet piling to be cut safely and to position the drill. Making these blocks is customized-work, this means that a specific plan has to be made for each boring in order to achieve the proper end result.

The best-suited injection technique can be selected to retain the soil and the groundwater on the basis of the adhesive jacket cone probes and any additional test bore in the sheet piling. The injection activities can take place from ground level as well as from the cofferdam itself.

We can have an injection crew on standby to optimally manage the risks during critical moments, such as when cutting the hole in the sheet piling. This also applies for the drilling activities that are done at night or on works where there is just too much to accomplish during the normal working day.