What we do

cofferdam leaks

In addition to carrying out soil injection, B&P Bodeminjectie B.V. also carries out injection activities on sheet piling, underwater concrete, pinning works, diaphragm wall and other structural works in cofferdams.

Leaks in the above structural works are undesirable. Also sand seepage through these leaks can lead to major issues as construction frequently takes place next to roads and other structures, subsidence caused by sand seepage can be a direct danger to the surrounding area.

The following are some of the issues we have faced and successfully repaired:

  • Disconnected sheet piles locks;
  • Leaks at connections in sheet piling;
  • Leaks as a result of incorrect depth of sheet piling;
  • Leaks between sheet piling and underwater concrete;
  • Leaks in underwater concrete (sludge containment and such like);
  • Leaks at piles in concrete;
  • Cracking in underwater concrete;
  • Leaks at anchor blocks;
  • Leaks in diaphragm wall and pile wall.

A contractor is always dependent on its innovativeness to copen with unexpected issues that arise during underground construction. As such, we have often found that this innovativeness leads to alternative solutions that did not work and then hindered a simple sealing of the leak by injection. If a leak occurs at your worksite don't hesitate to contact us for initial advice on how you can tackle the problem yourself. If this proves unsuccessful then we are often readily available to assist you.

We rate such emergencies highly and always do our utmost to get to your site as swiftly as possible to repair the problem. We hope in this way to do our bit in ensuring that the consequences of, as well as construction delays as a result of an emergency, are kept to a minimum.


Each leak requires the application of specific tools and injection fluids. As B&P Bodeminjectie B.V. is mainly involved with emergencies in cofferdams, we always have these tools and injection fluids in stock, which considerably speeds up our response times to these emergencies.