• Museum Beelden Aan Zee
  • Museum Beelden Aan Zee
  • Museum Beelden Aan Zee


Museum Beelden aan Zee

Hidden in the dunes of Scheveningen, lies the museum Beelden aan Zee with on top of it Pavilion de Witte.

Pavilion von Wied (also: The Royal Pavilion and Pavilion de Witte) is a country house in Scheveningen. It was build 1827 by order of King William I as a birthday present for his wife Queen Fredrica Louisa Wilhelmina van Pruisen.

In 1926 began a major renovation and expansion. This happened agin in 1994, then the Museum Beelden aan Zee was constructed under the Pavilion. The museum focuses exclusively on modern international sculpture art.

The pavilion will be renovated from early january until the end of may 2014 again. B&P Bodeminjectie assists by executing soil stabilisation under the existing foundation so later on there can be excavated vertically along the foundation. This for the expantion of the lower floor.

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